West Virginia
Board of Respiratory Care

Respiratory Therapist Vaccination Administration


"Practice of respiratory care" means the practice of respiratory care, and any part of respiratory care, by persons licensed under the provisions of this article and shall be limited to that which has been learned through formal or special training including performance evaluation to evaluate competence. The practice of respiratory care may be performed in any clinic, hospital, skilled nursing facility, private dwelling or other place deemed appropriate or necessary by the board in accordance with the prescription or verbal orders of a licensed physician or other legally authorized person with prescriptive authority, or under the direction of a qualified medical director.

Practice of respiratory care includes, but is not limited to: 1) The administration of pharmacological, diagnostic therapeutic agents related to respiratory care procedures necessary to implement a treatment, disease prevention, pulmonary rehabilitative or diagnostic regimen prescribed by a physician; …

§30-34-15. Exceptions … (b) This article does not prohibit: … (5) The respiratory care practitioner from performing advances in the art and techniques of respiratory care learned through formalized or specialized training approved by the board.

It is the position of the WV Board of Respiratory Care that administering vaccinations is within the scope of practice of Respiratory Therapists licensed within the state provided there is documented training and competency.