West Virginia
Board of Respiratory Care
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Must I renew my license every year?
  • Yes. Complete any Continuing Education entries required on the Continuing Education page any time prior to the renewal period. Then during the renewal period, Nov.-Dec., log on and use the Renew License option.

  • When do I renew my license?
  • Renewal period begins on November 1st and ends on December 31st

  • What is the cost to renew my license?
  • $55.00 postmarked or paid online in November or $65.00 postmarked or paid online in December.

  • What happens if I forget to renew my license?
  • Your license expires at midnight on December 31st of each calendar year. Your license automatically becomes “expired” and you are not permitted to work. To reinstate your license requires you to use the Reinstate License wizard and the “new license” fee of $200.

  • What is the procedure to reinstate my “expired” license?
  • Either print a new application form from the website and mark the “reinstatement” box or pay online. The fee will be the same as new ($200.00) and your NBRC credentials must be valid. If you hold a license in multiple states, all must be in good standing. If paying online, log on, go to Reinstate License. Follow the directions in the wizard on each page being sure to upload any necessary documents and to complete and click the Continue box after payment for the system to register your payment.

  • If I obtain a licensed as “Certified” and pay the $200.00 fee, am I required to pay an additional $200.00 when I pass the Registry Examination?
  • No, you need only provide the board office with a notarized copy of your score sheets or NBRC Registry Certificate, along with a $10.00 fee to be upgraded to “Registered”. You will receive a new license number. You may make the request online after signing in by going to Requests, Upgrade to Registered.

  • How long does it take to get a Respiratory Therapy license in the State of West Virginia?
  • Normally, it takes up to 10 days after all required documents have been sent before they are received by the board office. Then it takes one business day to approve the application. Online is much faster.

  • Does the board issue a “same day” license?
  • Online, possibly, but it is not guaranteed. Licenses mailed are usually issued the next business day after received.

  • Can I get a license faster if I mail my application directly to the board office?
  • No, it slows down the process because it still has to be mailed to the P.O. Box for payment processing. The fastest method is online.

  • How do I request an Official License copy?
  • Log in with your credentials, go to Requests, Sealed License Verification. There you can enter where you would like the certificate mailed and make payment.

  • Am I required to obtain and report CEU’s?
  • Yes, you are required to obtain 20 CEU’s from 10/1 of one even year thru 9/30 of the next even year (Example: 10/1/14 thru 9/30/16) This is called a 24 month accrual period. You can report the CEU’s online at any time, attaching documentation or mail the documents. All CEU's should be entered on the Continuing Education page or received by the office before you submit your Renewal Application during November or December of the even year endings.